Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Birthday Wishes for Addyson

Happy Birthday Addyson
by Angela Munzenhofer

The Speer family return to Aruba but this time bring their adorable girl Addyson on their Aruba Vacation. Amanda and her husband Shawn have visited many times as this was Amanda's parents vacation spot. Amanda's parents Mr. & Mrs.Petrone first visited on their honeymoon and brought both siblings back to visit Aruba ever since. They loved the island so much that they wanted to share the beauty of sun, sand and beach with their daughter Addyson who turned one. A family/birthday photo session to capture for memories to come.

This was Addyson's first trip to Aruba and by looking at the images you can see that she loved the beach fun especially with the sunglasses. Addyson was a joy to capture with her outfit changes and her smiles.Mom and dad enjoyed the romantic fun moments as well.
                                           Photography by Bella Aruba Photography

A Decade of Love

A Decade of LOVE!!!
Ten Year Anniversary blessing
by Angela Munzenhofer ,
Bella Aruba Photography

On July 17, 2015 at Marriott Ocean Club, Aruba. Nicole & Fred renewed their vows in the presence of their older son Jordan. The evening was hazy with a slight trade wind to cool off the evening. Bella Aruba Photography made sure that the evening was flawless from the moment Nicole walked down the aisle to renew the vows of ten years of LOVE together. These two lovebirds were in love as if they just met, as I photographed all I could see was LOVE. I asked for Nicole’s story of how Fred and her met and what began the love story.

After many of us survived and witnessed the events of
 9/11, we gathered at a mutual friend's home; he attended high school with the couple and the wife and I are sorority sisters.  
It wasn't until a year later after I'd caught the bouquet at my brother's wedding (yes I believe in that), my matchmaking sorority sister and his high school friend decided the timing was perfect to play Cupid, so an exchange of numbers led to a four hour phone conversation, a series of dates, great vacations and a proposal almost two years later. We topped it off with a destination wedding in Jamaica at a private villa. 
One of our best vacations as husband and wife was to Aruba. So, 10 years and 3 boys later, we decided to renew our love and promise to each other with our eldest son, Jordan. The twins, Jared and Justin would have brought out the Bridezilla in Mommy, so they stayed in New York with Nana and Pa.  
Being photographed on the beaches of Aruba significantly outweighs the photographs of me running down the streets of New York in the midst of a disaster.  If my train were five minutes earlier that Tuesday, there would be no story to tell.  We would not have met at our friend's home.  
Knowing that God had more in store for me is the greatest gift I could have received; a loving husband who swept me off my feet and three beautiful sons,
These are the words from Nicole Myrie who 
absolutely looked stunning as she and her husband Fred pronounced their love once again with their son Jordan present on the lovely island of Aruba.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The King family Returns to Aruba


The King family return to paradise!!!
Adisa & Marisol King have been happily married for 12 years; the couple had their honeymoon in Aruba and loved everything about the island. They are the proud parents of Kalea (8) and Imani (6). These ...beautiful girls enjoyed Aruba immennsfully and can’t wait to return to the island for another fun week of sun, sand and ARUBA!!! The girls are good students who enjoy dancing & gymnastics and in the photo shoot they did it all and were so eager for the next location. They are a proud Army family, who in the 12 years of marriage has lived in 7 different homes in 5 different states! They are now residing in Tennessee. Mr. Adisa King has been deployed 3 times, twice to Iraq & once to Afghanistan. Since he returned from the last deployment on June 2nd of this year they decided to celebrate by going to Aruba. Marisol is no stranger to the island, she has visited 6 times, Adisa, 5 times & the kids, 3 times. Aruba is their home away from home. Marisol stated” The beaches, the food, the weather & the people are all amazing! We can't wait to plan our next visit because we love it so much!”
It was a pleasure meeting your family and capturing your forever moments. God Bless and see you again soon!!!
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